Information about the election

You can find the very best information in the election magazine.

ATTENTION: Due to the widespread disruption of local public transport in Bonn, unfortunately not all polling stations can be opened or have changed opening hours. Affected by this are:

  • Polling station 13 - Hörsaalzentrum Poppelsdorf 2. The next polling station (polling station 12 - HSZ 1) is located directly next to it. In case of longer waiting times, you can also switch to the polling station in the MNL (in the building directly next to it).
  • Polling station 16 - Venusberg 1 The next polling station (polling station 17 - Venusberg 2) is located in the teaching building 10 on the grounds of the University Hospital.
  • Polling station 17 - Venusberg 2: The polling station is only open until 4 p.m. today instead of 5:30 p.m. as planned.

You can find an overview of all polling stations on the map further down on this page. We apologize for the problems.

What are we electing?

We are electing the 43 members of the student parliament of the university of Bonn. The election is based on a voting system of "personalised" proportional representation. The seats are assigned according to the Webster/Sainte-Laguë method.

When does the election take place?

The election takes place from the 15th until 18th of January 2024 It is held jointly with the election of the university committees which are organized by the university administration.

How can I check whether I am eligible to vote?

You are able to check the list of eligible voters at the election office during the opening hours.

I want to run for office, what do I need to do?

You will need to fill out and personally hand in the following documents during the opening hours at the election office until the December 11th, 12:59:59:

You will also need to hand in the following documents digitally until the the same date:

Where can I vote?

Elections will be held as a traditional vote in person. During the election times you will be able to vote at one of numerous voting locations. There is an option to vote by mail.

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Who can I vote for?

You can find a list of lists and candidates you can vote for in the election magazine

Important Dates

Friday, 1. December 2023: the right to vote and to stand as a candidate will be determined

Monday, January 15th 2024: Start of the election

Thursday, 18. January 2024: End of the election

Thursday, 18. January 2024, starting at about 6 p.m.: Counting of the votes